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Childrens Feet

Children’s feet and limbs are constantly changing, rotating and developing from birth to adolescence. It is important that your child is able to walk and run correctly, without excessive tripping, falling and without pain. Children’s foot problems can range from growth issues where muscles and tendons can pull on bones, skin and toenail problems, footwear issues and funny walking patterns.

It is vital to know where to get the right footwear and how footwear should fit. Our podiatrist can teach you how a shoe should fit, how often you need to check the fit and refer you to appropriate places for good fitting and footwear options.

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At Feet 4 Life we are committed to getting each and every patient the best possible treatment outcome. Our Podiatrists take the time to do a thorough assessment of you and your feet, so we not only treat your foot pain, but identify all contributing factors to your pain, getting you back to keeping fit, walking comfortably and wearing those shoes you love – and fast!


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