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Severs disease

This is a condition which occurs during growth spurts that affects the back of the heel bone where the Achilles tendon inserts. The heel can become painful with pressure, running, jumping. It is particularly prevalent in the 8-14 year old age group and common in sports like football and soccer.

Severs Disease is probably the most frequent cause of heel pain in children. The condition occurs most commonly in children between the ages of 8 and 14 years but it can occur in younger children. Both boys and girls are equally vulnerable to its debilitating effects. Severs Disease is characterized by activity-related pain that occurs on the back of the heel, where the Achilles Tendon attaches on the heel bone, or Calcaneus. The child may have swelling in the area, and tenderness to the touch. Sports requiring lots of running, jumping, and other high impact activities are particularly associated with Severs. Many children first signal the start of the problem by rubbing their heels with their fingers, or even ice cubes, at practice sessions. The three main factors that contribute to Severs Disease are:

  1. Between 8 and 14 years old.
  2. Involved in youth sports or other activities.
  3. Actively growing
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