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Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are caused by microscopic fungi which can appear throughout the body but in particular on the skin of the feet (Tinea Pedis) and on the toe nails (Onychomycosis). Itchy, red, scaly and flaky toes and soles of the feet may indicate Tinea Pedis. Onychomycosis can cause unsightly yellow and ‘cheesy’ nail discoloration, superficial white flaky nails, thickening, deformity and breakages to occur in the toenails.

Fungal infections can be picked up from moist environments and are also linked to poor hygiene such as not drying in between your toes thoroughly and not changing your socks and hosiery on a regular basis.

Fungal infections can not only be embarrassing but can also suggest underlying health conditions and a compromised immune system. It is important that you have an assessment with our podiatrist.

Treatments will vary depending on the severity, type and nature of the presenting infection. Our podiatrist can identify specific organisms involved by taking a ‘scrapping’ of the nail or skin and sending it to pathology for further testing. This will allow you to discuss the possibility of oral medications. There are also a number of topical treatments which are quite successful. It is important that our podiatrist remove any thick bulky nail or skin debris which breeds the fungal spores and helps to spread the infection. It is vital to identify the infection is present before any treatment is commenced.

Please call 9596 8418 to make an appointment and have that infection diagnosed and a suitable treatment plan recommended.

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