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3 Steps to Foot Pain Relief

Feet 4 Life would like to offer new patients a special package, to help you get back to the sport and activities you love with pain free feet and legs.

Do your feet hurt when you are playing sport? Are you worried about your foot health and alignment of the feet and legs? Do your sports shoes hurt your feet? Do you have heel pain, arch pain, shin pain, sore Achilles? Do you get burning in the balls of your feet? Are your feet tired and aching? Then we can help!

Simply mention this special offer when you call the practice on 9596 8418

*Please note this is a strictly limited offer

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At Feet 4 Life we are committed to getting each and every patient the best possible treatment outcome. Our Podiatrists take the time to do a thorough assessment of you and your feet, so we not only treat your foot pain, but identify all contributing factors to your pain, getting you back to keeping fit, walking comfortably and wearing those shoes you love – and fast!


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